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Membership Benefits

There are three LMB membership packages – Basic, Promoter, Business Leader.

All Business members of LMB, receive the LMB Membership Basics which includes what we consider to be the base level of services and products which every business can use.

Member Communications

Monthly LMB

Keep up to date with with local Lake Macquarie news, events, opportunities and issues effecting business.

NSW Business Chamber
BIZ Connect

Business Connect (electronic publication) produced by the NSW Business Chamber  is a ‘must-read’ member publication addressing the most important issues and strategies that every business – whether small or large – should be aware of.

See the latest edition here

Hunter Business Chamber
Hunter BIZ

Delivered monthly to your inbox and produced by the Hunter Business Chamber, Hunter Biz provides a mix of news from members, articles and information for businesses in the Hunter.

The e-newsletter connects directly to Hunter Business Chamber website, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Monthly Tourism E-News

Tourism Industry, a division of NSW Business Chamber helps businesses maximise their potential by providing specialist services for businesses operating in the tourism industry.

The Monthly Tourism E-News is for those businesses on the Visitor Economy / Tourism space who want to stay up to date with the latest news, insights, trends and current affairs impacting the tourism industry in NSW

Social Media Connect

Social media enables you to connect with your business community. LMB is constantly looking for new ways to help members take advantage of the numerous benefits of using social media as a communication tool. All members have access to:

Business Support and Advice

Getting good advice quickly for a business means your saving time, money and headaches. Delivered by the NSW Business Chamber and their associates, all members have access to:

  • NSW Business Chamber Hotline (13 26 96)
  • Marketing | Legal | Workplace Advice Lines
  • Australian Business Apprenticeship Centres
  • Business Motoring – advice is provide by NRMA Motoring

Visit the Business Support Contacts Page

networking assembly by lake macquarie business
training and seminar for lake macquarie business

LMB Events, Training, and Networking

Connecting members to people, business, and issues is an important foundation to building a better business community.

LMB and LMB Partner Events, Training and Networking programs are available to all members. They help improve our connections within Lake Macquarie, across the Hunter and NSW.

All members have access to:

  • Lake Macquarie Business Events
  • Lake Macquarie Business Networking
  • Training and Workshops
  • Hunter and NSW Business Chamber Events
  • Webinars (NSWBC)
  • Webinars (NSWBC – Tourism Industry)

Learn more about LMB Events here.

Promotion and Event Sponsorship

There are numerous opportunities for LMB members to promote themselves as part of the basic membership entitlements.

All members have access to:

  • LMB Online Directory
  • Hunter and NSW Business Chamber Online Directories
  • Website Promotions
  • Event Sponsorship

Learn more about LMB Promotion and Event Sponsorship opportunities.