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LMB Promotion

We have multiple, cost effective opportunities for you to promote your business on the LMB website and the monthly e-news.


Rather than promote a specific product or service, an advertorial in the LMB Members news section is a great way to build your business profile or highlight the achievements of your team by informing other members about what is going on in your business.

All members are invited to provide information to be included in the LMB Members news section.

LMB Member to Member Promotions

The LMB Member to Member promotions section is a great way for you to share a special offer with other LMB members.

LMB Advocate Member are entitled to two (2) free member to member offers per year. LMB Promote and Business Builders are entitled to six (6) per year. Pricing for an additional member to member deal promotions is $25 each.

Banners and Buttons

The LMB website is the primary communication medium for engaging with LMB members, Lake Macquarie Businesses and other stakeholder groups.

The focus of all our social media activity, e-news and general promotional activities is to drive visitors to our website.

Banner and button advertising on the LMB website will give you the opportunity to capitalise on our web visitors and increase the frequency of messaging for your business and its products and services.

We’re here to help you integrate LMB web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaigns. Our LMB Membership Officer will help create a strategy which will work for your business.

LMB Promoter and Business Builder members receive complimentary and concessions on web advertising rates.

LMB e-News

Delivered to the LMB membership and contact list monthly, LMB e-News is another great opportunity to cost effectively promote your business, your products and services or a promotional offer.

LMB Business Member Savings

Non memberNot available to non members
Engage5% on Small Business Rates
Advocate10% on Small Business Rates
Promoter20% on Small Business Rates
Builder30% on Small Business Rates
Corporate50% on Corporate Rates
Lifer30% on Small Business and Corporate Rates

Contact us to receive the full LMB Website and E-News advertising rates card.