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As an independent, not-for-profit organisation representing local business, we are dedicated to helping business owners achieve sustainable growth in the Lake Macquarie local government area.

Business connections

Being a member of Lake Mac Business, engaging with us and helping us get to know more about you and your business, means we can connect you with other businesses and programs that will help you grow.

Make it simple to avoid fines and reduce risk

Through our alliance with the NSW Business Chamber, we can help your business achieve compliance, improve your employee relations, reduce employee absenteeism, and avoid fines.

As a member you would have specialist access to areas including:

  • Workplace relations
  • Human resources
  • Contract and property law
  • Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS)
business connections by lake macquarie business


Through our alliance with the NSW and Hunter Business Chambers we effectively link the local, regional and state part of the Business Chamber movement that is influencing political decision makers at various levels of government to make informed decisions and deliver positive outcomes for our members and the broader Lake Macquarie community.

On a local level, our alliance with the Hunter and NSW Business Chamber provides access to the knowledge and expertise of their policy teams in the development and action of lake wide advocacy positions that support the needs and concerns of the Lake Macquarie business community.

LMB Advocacy for Lake Macquarie

Still to be finalised and developed in collaboration with our members and business community, we believe the following are the key issues we need to be advocating for when building a better business community in Lake Macquarie.

  • Urban Renewal – As we all know our towns are looking older, we need a plan to make sure our town centres are being rejuvenated and modernised.
  • Understanding our Business Capabilities – We know that there are thousands of business in Lake Macquarie, but we don’t to truly understand what their capabilities are. By having a better understanding we can connect businesses and promote the capabilities of the Lake Macquarie business region to attract more investment and new industry.
youth employment by lake macquarie business
  • Employability (youth unemployment) – Kids leaving schools are not job ready, youth unemployment is around 15.1% and in some Lake Macquarie suburbs as high as 25%. Businesses are telling us that the kids aren’t ready to be employed. We need to see our business community helping our kids to get ready and be employable when they leave school.
  • Visitor Economy and Tourism – The visitor economy is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Identified early as an area we needed to work on, LMB has already committed to being more involved in developing the tourism businesses, engaging with the sector and making sure we’re all doing our best to promote the Lake as a great destination.
  • Lake Macquarie Identity – Lake Macquarie isn’t on the map. Lake Macquarie is unique, Lake Macquarie business are unique. Lake Macquarie is the second largest Local Government Area in the state, we don’t believe that being known as a suburb of Newcastle is good for business.

LMB is determined to build a better business community, if there is an issue affecting your business or businesses in your local area please contact us, we want to help.

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