AGRICULTURE - Board of Directors

This sector hub includes those who work in the following sectors: Cropping, livestock, aquaculture, landscaping, gardens, landcare, eco-conservation.

The agriculture and food sector has experienced significant supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 crisis and associated lockdown measures. Overall, economic impacts have been managed remarkably well in our sector due to the agility of producers, supply chain operators and retailers, and some support by our local, state and federal governments. 

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AGRICULTURE - Board of Directors


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Quick tips for circular economy-based urban agriculture.

Source sustainable packaging 
With the recent pivots of many restaurants and cafes transforming to pickup/takeaway only offerings, the amount of waste, when it comes to packaging can increase dramatically. Sourcing sustainable options for packaging is a win on many fronts. Try BioPak, BioBags and other compostable packaging companies where possible.

Food waste
An increasing amount of food waste is a significant problem when it comes to hospitality outlets in our area, for some businesses, ever-increasingly during COVID restrictions. To sustainably manage food waste use local services that not only sustainably manage your food waste yet also convert it into a resource. One local option is Feedback Organic. They collect food waste and convert it into nutrient-rich compost on urban farms in your area.

Source produce locally. Sourcing local has become much easier over the last 2 years due to COVID. Supporting local has many positives including fewer km’s from farm-to-plate, fresher produce and showing support for local farms and people. Here are a few local farms that are so close and provide great options for local businesses.